Marketing Design & Strategy

What we offer

We help businesses of all sizes and types to develop and write down a marketing strategy.

The process ensures you continue moving towards your goals – whether that’s to double in size next year, introduce new products or services, stay ahead of your competitors, or satisfy your customers.

Ways we help

We’ll take time to understand your business’s ambitions, products and markets, and work with you to explore your goals and options for the future. It doesn’t have to be through big formal workshops – sometimes a discussion, a little research, and an external view is all that’s needed for a fresh marketing strategy.

The trick is to get a fresh perspective, apply sound market analysis principles, and be creative: that’s what we bring.

We’ll produce a plan that will help you build a distinct position in your market, and we’ll explain what marketing approaches will work best.

For instance, we can tell you why and how you should – or shouldn’t – use social media, and help you plan email campaigns. We’ll give you a clear, manageable, cost-effective list of actions … and if you want, we will help you implement the plan too.

Brainstorm Marketing Strategy
Thinking and planning

Thinking and planning

(Strategy planning, story building, workshops, coaching, writing and support services)

Working out what your story should be, and how to tell it, is crucial to promoting yourself to your customers, to creating your marketing strategy.  We can help you take the things that make you different, to build a story around them, and create messaging and marketing campaigns that will shout your story from the rooftops.

That process starts with thinking and planning. We can do this in intensive workshops with you and your team members, or through ongoing coaching and support. However you want to work.

Customer and Stakeholder Insight

(Surveys, focus groups and interviews)

Understanding your customers is critical to pitching your story with the best messages, to the best audience, through the best channels.  And the best way to understand what your customers like, want, or need, is to ask them.  And the way you ask the questions will have a material impact on the answers you get. 

Our partners have years of experience of designing surveys for web, email, telephone and face-to-face surveys. We have also run face-to-face workshops and focus groups for clients.  We can guide you through the process so you don’t fall into the many traps, and get useful insight at the end of the process.

Customer and stakeholder insight
Workshops and training

Workshops and training

(Onsite sessions and away days, live and online events)

Your brand strategy is only as good as the buy-in of your team members.  If they don’t support your goals, your market positioning is undermined.  Engagement during the strategy design process (along with meaningful feedback and idea iteration) can ensure people buy into and even enhance your brand strategy.

Training can be used to help spread understanding within your organisation.  Our team members have years of experience of involvement in workshops with organisations from the charity, public and corporate sectors.  We can help you design, run and make the most of your strategy and training events.

Brand design

(Style, feel, colours, words, fonts, logos)

A crucial part of your brand strategy is presenting an image that reflects your organisation in the way you would like to be seen. 

This means achieving a consistent look and feel through all your marketing activities, and taking care to ensure that style, colour, words, fonts and, of course, your logo all communicate effectively the impression you want to give to your stakeholders.

That’s harder to achieve than it sounds, but our founders have been through this process many times over their careers, and can help you do the same.

Brand design
Focus Group in Action

Our experience

  • Helped think through how to develop new service bundles to keep one step ahead of the competition
  • Run focus groups to test pricing for new products
  • Identified market segments that should be targeted with specific sales messages
  • Developed PR and advertising campaigns based on clear messages and brand values
  • Helped employees understand the rationale and the practicalities of new strategies

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Marketing Strategy

We help businesses of all sizes and types to develop and write down a marketing strategy.

Whether that’s to double in size next year, introduce new products or services, stay ahead of your competitors, or satisfy your customers.

Marketing design and strategy

Thinking and planning

Customer and stakeholder insight

Workshops and training

Brand design

Content Creation

We create tailored content designed to appeal to your target audience.

Content to set you apart as a thought leader.

Content that generates a buzz.

Tailored content
Visual materials
Topical content
In-depth analysis
Presentations and events

Digital Design & Marketing

We put your business in front of prospects who are looking for your services.

Appropriate digital marketing strategies target your potential audiences and convert them into loyal customers, widening your reach and boosting your sales.

Digital design and marketing
Search engine optimisation


Print Design

How would you like us to assist in designing your world?

We love big projects, but no task is too small.

Print design


Formal documents

Frequent publications

Superb Websites

We will build a website to help grow your business and gain new customers.

Whether you want a brochure website set up quickly to kickstart your business, or a custom website to upgrade your existing one, we offer everything you will need including graphic design.

Website design and promotion

Conceptual and visual design

Site development

Social media, SEO and promotion

Shops, subscriptions, and memberships

Ongoing training