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Website design

The first place a potential customer will look is your website. It needs to tell your story, promote your products or services, reflect your values, and it must be visually appealing, easy for customers to use, and straightforward to you to maintain.

We design and build websites designed for maximum impact , tailored to your budget, and offer training to ensure you can maintain them (but only if you want – we can do that for you too!)

We create tailored websites:

  • to attract attention
  • to differentiate you and your organisation
  • to sell your products and services

If you would like to talk through what you want to achieve with your website, please get in touch.

Placing Day-to-Day Control of Your Website into Your Hands

Ways we help

We’ll work with you to clarify what you want your website to do, who it is targeted at, and how it should look and feel. We will discuss with you want you want to say, promote, or sell, and what sort of website you feel your clients and potential customers will respond to – whether that is a stunningly beautiful single-page website, a shop to sell your products, a community focused website, or a data-rich site designed to attract subscribers.

We’ll tailor a website solution to your needs, your challenges, and your culture, working in stages so you have multiple opportunities to input into and guide the process.

Every organisation is unique, and we view every project as unique.

We also pride ourselves in empowering you to look after your websites, so you can make changes or add content yourself if you want. We offer online and in-person training so you can be your own webmaster.

Targeting Your Clients
Conceptual and visual design

Conceptual & visual design

We start out with a free consultation to help us understand what you want to achieve with your web presence, how you would like it to work, and so we can talk through the broad options open to you. No commitment at this stage.

If you would like us to proceed, we then create some design examples, talk through what you like or don’t like before working on a final concept for the site, including clear specifications for the features the site would need.

If you don’t yet have a brand style, or logo, we can design those things for you as well.

Site development

Once the site has been designed conceptually and visually be build it for you, using a milestones-based approach, with plenty of opportunity for you to provide feedback, comment and ideas.

We have experience of building websites with mainstream industry platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and from first principles in native HTML . We will agree with you the specifications, and then get it sorted for you.

If you need us to, we can create the content (text, visuals or videos) to go on the site, or you can supply them.

Website development
Social media, SEO and promotion

Social media, SEO & Promotion

SEO (whilst not much fun) is fundamental to getting a good Google ranking, social media is critical for attracting real people, and promotion through a wide variety of means (including advertising ) can also be important.

Analytics (possibly fun, depending on your personality), is crucial for knowing if what you are doing is working.

We have experience in all these areas and can advise you on your strategy, or do the work for you.

Shops, subscriptions & memberships

Different websites offer different levels of engagement and interaction with their target audience or customer base.

We can build websites with online shops and shopping carts to sell your products or services, sites that provide subscription services all sitting behind a paywall, sites designed to generate audiences, as well as sites built around community groups, or schools.

Or if you need a really simple, easy-to-maintain, but good-looking website to promote your local business, we can do that too.

Shops subscriptions and memberships
Divi WordPress Website Building Course

Ongoing training

We specialise in helping you to learn how to maintain, add to or alter your website yourself. 

Of course, we would be pleased to do this for you, but if you want more control, we offer training courses (online and in-person) and can build sites based on open-community platforms so you don’t have to worry about getting ‘locked in’, or charged every time you want to make a small change.  See here for our latest training courses on how to use WordPress and Divi to create a great looking website.   

Our experience

Our founders were involved in building the first websites over 30 years ago, and are still going strong, with experience of a range of website systems and platforms.

Between us we have built interactive database websites for publishers, sites designed to support organisations in academia, professional services and even a peer-to-peer lending website.

We have some simple packages for starter websites which you can view here, or if you would like to talk through what you want to achieve with your website, please get in touch.


Get in touch if you would like to start a conversation.

Marketing Strategy

We help businesses of all sizes and types to develop and write down a marketing strategy.

Whether that’s to double in size next year, introduce new products or services, stay ahead of your competitors, or satisfy your customers.

Marketing design and strategy

Thinking and planning

Customer and stakeholder insight

Workshops and training

Brand design

Content Creation

We create tailored content designed to appeal to your target audience.

Content to set you apart as a thought leader.

Content that generates a buzz.

Tailored content
Visual materials
Topical content
In-depth analysis
Presentations and events

Digital Design & Marketing

We put your business in front of prospects who are looking for your services.

Appropriate digital marketing strategies target your potential audiences and convert them into loyal customers, widening your reach and boosting your sales.

Digital design and marketing
Search engine optimisation


Print Design

How would you like us to assist in designing your world?

We love big projects, but no task is too small.

Print design


Formal documents

Frequent publications

Superb Websites

We will build a website to help grow your business and gain new customers.

Whether you want a brochure website set up quickly to kickstart your business, or a custom website to upgrade your existing one, we offer everything you will need including graphic design.

Website design and promotion

Conceptual and visual design

Site development

Social media, SEO and promotion

Shops, subscriptions, and memberships

Ongoing training