reCAPTCHA Spam Protection in Divi in 5 Steps

reCAPTCHA Spam Protection in Divi in 5 Steps

Google’s reCAPTCHA v3 spam protection service works well on contact forms without getting in the way of site users with arithmetic questions for the most part. Divi’s contact form module offers this functionality out of the box. Here’s how to set it up.

1: Go to and select the Admin Console. You will need to be signed in to your Google account. 

Setting up a free QR code

2: Select ‘+’ in order to ‘create’ a new reCAPTCHA as shown:

3: Register your site for reCAPTCHA (v3) by inputting the details highlighted in yellow as shown, and press the submit button:

Your site is now registered. You will be provided with a site key and a secret key which we will use to activate reCAPTCHA in the Divi contact module. 

4: Go to the page containing the contact module on your website. As demonstrated in the visual below, open the settings in the contact module, choose the spam protection service option and select ‘Add’. Then copy across the site key and the secret key as shown. By selecting ‘submit’ the reCAPTCHA service is activated. 

In this example, we have set the minimum score at the default of 0.5. If spam continues to get through, consider setting this to 0.6 or 0.7. 

5: Finally, on the reCAPTCHA site, you can view the Analytics at any point in order to see the stats on how well the spam protection service is running.

Making a Website More Visible on Search Engines

Making a Website More Visible on Search Engines

When negotiating the scope of a new website, a client asked us to build it with a view to ensuring that the website is more visible on search engines. Here’s how CT approaches this need.

The client has social media and it is straightforward to link to these from the website. Relevant content is pushed out from the website to the business’s social media with a view to attracting visitors. CT’s suggested approach to content creation is the use of evergreen content such as expert guides which have a long shelf life.

Making a website more visible

A content template (blog) is designed to suit the business’s social media consumption – the template permits the reasonably straightforward ‘dropping in’ of new website content. It can be helpful to have a plugin to assist in scheduling content, particularly if there is a good deal of content. CT currently uses Blog2Social, a paid-for plugin, as a time-saving tool.

On-page SEO focuses on how the content will be presented on search engines such as Google or Bing. For example, it is good practice to create a custom excerpt which search engines are ‘told’ to use as a summary description. Yoast is a helpful plugin for this task and the free version suits the majority of websites.

Another important SEO element is targeting appropriate keywords within the website content, the aim of which is to encourage your content to pop up when searched against by a potential client. It is helpful here to distinguish between broad keywords which tend to be popular (and very competitive) and more focused keywords which are easier to target for small and medium enterprises. By way of example, a broad keyword in legal services could be ‘personal injury legal experts’, while a more focused keyword could be ‘catastrophic head injury legal specialists’.

Finally, it is necessary to measure and test, test and measure. The Google Analytics tool is an excellent means of measuring traffic and where it is coming from. The Google Search Console reports on how well your website is running and may make suggestions for improvement.

Divi WordPress Tip #1: Creating a Polished Website Header

Divi WordPress Tip #1: Creating a Polished Website Header

This Divi WordPress video tutorial focuses on how to make your website header area look polished and professional, with a menu section which is properly integrated into your website’s hero image.

This tutorial forms part of a Divi WordPress website training course, but if you already have a Divi WordPress site, then you will be able to follow along quite readily.

It demonstrates how to:

  • Set up your website header area (an assets pack is provided below for convenience)
  • Set your ‘hero’ image to cover the screen
  • Incorporate the primary menu into the hero image
  • Ensure fully responsive across all devices, including mobile and tablet

Download the zip folder of assets here, if needed.  Contact with queries.

Divi WordPress Tip #1: Creating a Polished Website Header

Learn to Build Your First Website in Hours

Normally reserved to our clients, access a free video training course which demonstrates how to build a new website from scratch, right the way through to completion.  On offer, for a limited time, are:

  • A video training course with 20+ lectures
  • A dedicated training website (access is provided after you sign up to the course)
  • Access by email to the course provider to deal with queries and provide support
  • Preferential access to our Live Learn online Divi WordPress training course

Limited Offer

This WordPress Divi website building course is designed to support our clients, ensuring day-to-day control of every aspect of their websites, and forms part of our wider client training and support programme.

For a limited time, we are making it available free to anyone who wishes to explore building a WordPress Divi website (a simple email sign-up is required to access the course).

What the Course Covers

This course takes you from the beginning to the end of the process of building and managing your own WordPress Divi website.

WordPress is arguably the most popular website content management system in the world and underpins all of our websites.  Alongside WordPress, we thoroughly demonstrate Divi, a premium drag and drop visual builder which comes as a standard part of our client package.  Divi sits on top of WordPress, enabling your website to look great without any requirement to be a coder or developer.

Have a look at the video to see the website which you will learn to create, step by logical step.  From scratch you will implement a home page, a Services page and a working Contact page to create a polished, professional-looking website.

The site will be fully responsive and will look great across all devices.

How it Works

Once signed up, will provide you with Administrator access to a fully functioning Divi WordPress training website set up on your own dedicated subdomain.  WordPress and Divi will be pre-installed – all you have to do is build the site!

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